Why I'm Running


For the past 30 years we have heard what America can’t do any longer. We can’t provide healthcare for our citizens because it costs too much. We can’t defend our borders because we can’t control immigration. We can’t increase the wages of the middle class. We can’t provide higher education for all who qualify. We can’t have a fair tax system.

I for one am tired of hearing what we can’t do. I say yes we can!

It is time we quit selling short our country and the people of our great nation. We have not lost ability for great leadership, search for knowledge, exploration of our world and universe, education, medical science or any other of the fields of human endeavor.

But our leadership in Washington has.

We have leaders in Washington with no vision but their own myopic wealth. We have leadership too afraid to act, frightened by any decision but the status quo, who have forgotten the people of this great country.

It is time for leaders with vision and courage.

I will bring the Texas values to Washington of friendship, inclusion, and a generosity and compassion for all Americans.